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Do you have problems with Fog, mold growth or dripping?

Before you replace your mechanical refrigeration dehumidifier consider one of the MS Series ARID-Ice Desiccant Dehumidifiers.  Desiccant dehumidifiers provides the driest, most comfortable most efficient, most economical solution for ice arena humidity.

Introduction in PDF

Flyers - Sabres Fog Game

You Tube Video (Flyers - Sabres Fog Game)

Why Dehumidify?

During the summer months, moist outside air migrates into the arena through openings such as doors, leaky dampers, and ducts.  Many current building codes also require large ventilation volumes, which might contain a huge amount of moisture.

How does it work?

Arid-Ice is the best way to dehumidify an indoor ice arena because of its low dewpoint capability.  Instead of condensing moisture out of the air like an air conditioner, it is removed directly using a durable, permanent, desiccant rotor that attracts moisture. 

The moisture from the building is continously driven off the desiccant with heat in the form of inexpensive natural gas (other options available).  The moisture from the arena is simply expelled outside.  No condensation occurs during the process, so there is nothing to drain, and nothing to freeze.

This is the most comfortable, most efficient, most economical solution to ice arena humidity control.  Several models available for any combination of moisture load and ventilation rquirements. 

Call today to get started on a free Load estimate calculation.


  • Very Dry Air Can Be Achieved
  • Better Thermodynamic Efficiency
  • Simple Construction
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Better Construction
  • Modern Controls
  • Now - More Sizes Available!

Becker Arena products, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the MS Series dehumidifiers for ice rinks in the United States. CDIMS manufactures many dehumidifiers but has asked us to champion this niche market for the MS Series. 

The MS Series Desiccant Dehumidifers have been specifically designed for the seasonal ice rink, the smaller recreational, practice and curling ice rinks by Concepts and Designs, Inc. and, are perfect for the rinks in need of replacing their mechanical units that are no longer working.

The MS Series Desiccant Dehumidifiers are designed to mimic the physical and power consumption profiles of typical mechanical refrigeration dehumidifiers making it an excellent replacement system.  They provide consideraly more drying capacity with minimal retrofit cost.

 MS 2600 Dehumidifier View 1

MS 2600 Dehumidifier view 2


manual in PDF format

Brochure in PDF format

Ice Arena Mold Contamination article

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For ordering instructions, please email info@beckerarena.com.