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How To Choose The Right Dasher Board System For Your Facility?

Determining whether you should purchase steel or aluminum rink dasher boards really boils down to the following questions:

1. Is the facility a multi-use facility where the rink dasher boards frequently come up and down?
2. What type of use will the dasher board system get or how many hours a day?
3. Do you have the resources and/or how easy is it for your rink personnel to make repairs on site?
4. What is the life expectancy the facility is expecting out of a set of rink dasher boards?

Vadnais Heights MN New Construction Project

Regardless of whether your dasehr hockey system is steel or aluminum, the constant up and down regiment will take its toll on a set of dasher boards.  Steel frame dashers boards should by their nature hold up better to constant tear downs and set-up over aluminum dasher boards.  Although heavier in weight, steel dasher boards can be repaired on site a lot easier than aluminum dasher boards. 


Through day-to-day usage and abuse, dasher board gates and hinges will become out of alignment.  Besides the monthly lubrication of the hinges on doors, each door should be aligned so it closes evenly and smoothly.  This can be accomplished with minimal expertise and just a few tools.

The dasher panels and/or doors that have been hit or damaged by the ice resurfacer or other equipment may require assistance.  Feel free to contact us for help.

Steel Frame System

Aluminum Frame System


For ordering instructions, please email info@beckerarena.com.