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We are sorry, The IceTec8 is currently unavailable.  Please call 800-234-5522 if you have questions regarding this or other products.  Thank you.

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Meaure and record ice depth quickly and accurately with the IceTec8 precision ice measurement tool from PrecIce Technolgy.

The IceTec8 enables rink managers to precisely measure and record ice depth and port the information through the IceTec8 software program to a desktop or laptop computer. The software also allows the operator to give direction to the ice technician, record the corrective action taken and also enables comparison readings to previous measurements. All ice depth readings are archived by rink location, by date, and can be used to track ice depth through the season.

IceTec8 tip end view


  • LCD Display with Rink Diagram
  • Up to 60 Programmable Rink Points
  • Measures in Inches or Millimeters
  • Reports are Automatically Time and Date Stamped
  • Direction to Staff and Corrective Action Easily Added to Reports
  • Previous Data can be access for Comparison Reports (this is especially important for Sand Floor Users)
  • Efficiently install new ice sheets to exact thickness, saving time and water.

IceTec8 Screen Grab


The IceTec 8 Package Includes:

  • Hand held LCD Measurement Tool
  • Multiple Platform Software (Upgrades will be available via the website)
  • Quick Start Manual and PDF Manual with complete instructions

Flyer in PDF


NEW Carrying case sold separately

IceTec8 Carrying Case




IceTec 8

LCD Display