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The goal of Rink Equipment Resource is to help you capitalize on the value of your used rink equipment or to help you find that piece of equipment when you don’t want to pay the price for new.

Rink Equipment Resource has daily direct contact with thousands of facilities all over the World. We list equipment for sale on our web-site and support that site with advertising campaigns and knowledgeable sales people.

Go to the Rink Equipment Resource Website

We are a full service company that ensures you get the equipment you want when and where you want it. Our added services allow us to handle all aspects of the sale including negotiation, transportation, viewings, custom brokering and extrication.

We work strictly on a commission that is agreed upon up front. No money changes hands until a sales takes place, a sale that satisfies both seller and buyer.

Finally, a Full Service Company for the Used Rink Equipment Market!

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